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Golden Sun Indonesia, pt
trusted company in providing Laser Cutting machines and CNC Routers.
LC1390, LC 1325M, and LG6040 are our best seller.
Service and customer satisfaction is our goal.

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Our products

CO2 Laser Cutting

LC series laser cutting machine equipped with long life laser tube, American lens and now equipped with persistent memory system that will save the machine's working state in case of blackout therefore saving the material from being wasted. The LC series machine can also be fitted with twin laser head.

Laser Marking

there are three kinds of laser marking machine available CO2 non metal laser marking, diode laser marking for metal marking, and fibre laser marking for marking white marks on metal. Laser marking machine came standard with software for barcode marking, automatic coding and compatible with conveyor system.

CNC Router

Our CNC routers are utilising with G code and are programmable by popular software such as Mastercam, Rhinoceros, Type3 and Ucancam. In addition, our CNC routers is equipped with a versatile handheld controller that is easy to use and made the machine flexible in every demanding situation.

Wide Laser Cutting

Flat bed laser cutting machine with wide cutting area for professional and industrial application and suitable for interior designer, billboard contractor, souvenir and garment industry. Available with cutting area of 1300 x 2500mm and larger.

Multifunction Printer

The multi function printers are designed to print to a variety of materials such as acrylic, wood, leather, shirts, fabrics, ceramic tile, metal and virtually anything printable. This printer is ideal to produce souvenirs, handcrafts, and also can substitute screen printing process.


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